July 15, 2011

Najwa Latif

Since I am still unemployed up until now,  my daily routine would be sitting my butt in front of the computer n goes online for the whole day..  most of the time,  I would go to Youtube n listen to songs while watching the videos..  these days,  FACEBOOKing isn't as interesting as how it used to be..

I happened to come accross this..  it was a cover..  n I was hooked straight away..  Damn,  wish I can play guitar like that..  Her name is Najwa Latif, n she's 16!! 

Personally,  I think she sings 'Kalau Berpacaran' better than Ana Raffali..  Ok, that was a bit biased,  coz I dont like Ana Raffali..

Her cover of Bruno Mars' Grenade..

NeYo's one in a million..

P/S:  Her voice isn't that bad..
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